96% of maritime accidents are due to human error.

A major challenge in the study of the Ocean is simply the cost


40% of the cost of operating a ship is the crew.

Knowledge of the Ocean is essential to human life.

Ports, transport, marine pollution, overfishing and energy are just a few examples where obtaining data from the marine environment is key.

The sea is a hostile environment, the crews on board need survival conditions (dry spaces, temperature, provisions) artificially created in the ships; because in the sea they do not exist.

In addition, the weather conditions often make it unfeasible to obtain marine data and we have to wait until we have suitable conditions.

All this means high costs.

On the other hand, the demand for marine data is increasing both in number and quality.

Unmanned vessels reduce data collection costs by 4 times, have a lower environmental impact and increase safety infinitely.

They are more efficient and can be used in areas where it would be very dangerous or unfeasible to use manned platforms.

This is where ICTYS makes the difference in offshore projects as well as in ports and sheltered waters.

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