What do we do?

We collect, process and analyze marine data using autonomous vessels (ASV).

What data do we collect?

From the surface:

  • Weather station
  • Hydrocarbon detector
  • Surveillance images
  • Surface mapping with LIDAR

From the seabed:

  • Salinity
  • Temperature
  • Sea currents
  • Underwater images
  • Seabed mapping
  • Magnetism

An example of this

Environmental monitoring and security in port facilities with the ASV ICTYS.
Collection, analysis of marine pollutant expansion data and deployment of containment measures.

The challenge

La solution

  • Water quality control and surveillance tasks.
  • Early spill detection.
  • Identification of the dimensions of the spill and its expansion
  • Prediction of the time of evolution of the contaminant.
  • Deployment of containment measures.
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