The eyes of ICTYS: Our ASV

ASV = Autonomous Surface Vessel


  • Semi-submerged
  • Lenght: 5.65m
  • Width: 1.53m
  • Adaptable bulb length (vessel draft between 0.1m and 2.1m)
  • Weight approx 1.5Tons.
  • Transportable in a 24 ft. (12 m) container.
  • 15-day autonomy

Dual sensor bay (surfaced and submerged) and adaptive.

Outboard engine. Advantages:

  • Reduced maintenance time.
  • Adapt the power to the type of task.
  • Use different types of fuel or be electric.

Autopilot with 360° camera and surface radar

Communications both by radio (maximum distance 200 km) and 4G by satellite (anywhere in the world)

Ability to transmit data to the ground control center for processing.

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